The Gene Ontology (GO) provides a controlled vocabulary for describing  gene products from all organisms. The Gene Ontology is represented by three ontologies- Molecular Function (what a gene product does), Biological Process (why it does what it does), Cellular Component (where it does what it does). Each of these ontologies form the root of a set of carefully defined terms arranged in a special hierarchy called directed acyclicgraph. In this hierarchy, a term is related to one or more parent terms through three types of relationships-is_a, part_of, regulates.

MENGO, an interest group of the Gene Ontology seeks to expand term development for microbial processes useful for bioenergy production. Currently there are over 200 MENGO terms added to the GO.  Areas covered include carbohydrate catabolic processes, oligosaccharide binding and transport, and methanogenesis.

Each term here is linked to a term information page in AMIGO (, the official GO browser.  To find all MENGO terms, type mengo in the search window in AMIGO.

Additionally , these and other terms still under review can be found on the MENGO wiki (

amylopectin catabolic process amylopectin catabolic process arabinoxylan catabolic process cell wall polysaccharide catabolic process cellobiose catabolic process cellobiose metabolic process cellodextrin catabolic process cellooligosaccharide catabolic process cellooligosaccharide metabolic process cellotriose catabolic process cellotriose metabolic process